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We are an industrial organization oriented to the production of food, commercialization of agro- supplies and research, development and improvement of our raw material. The Group is composed of seven companies that operate under strict standards of quality standards, committed to the responsible use of our natural resources and always oriented to offer first-line products to consumers.

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What makes us different?

In addition to being an agroindustrial company we have focused on providing quality to our clients since the beginning of our operations in 1918, a point that has led us to have more than 90 years of presence in the market, and to be pioneers in job creation, research aAnd development for Panama and Central America.

Thanks to the financial, managerial and technological strength of Grupo Calesa, we have forged strategic ties with research and research centers, with leading companies in the local market and abroad, in the field of biotechnology and development of our Raw materials, which allows us to offer all our customers products with high quality controls, guaranteeing top quality food.

All our collaborators contribute an essential value for the success of Grupo Calesa. The dedication of each person within the company is like an engine that drives to achieve our goals. Our staff is the differentiating entity that has positioned us as one of the leading companies in the Panamanian market.

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