About us


We are an industrial organization oriented to the production of food, commercialization of agro-supplies and research, development and improvement of our raw material. The Group is composed of eight companies that operate under strict standards of quality standards, committed to the responsible use of our natural resources and always oriented to offer first-line products to consumers.

Our success for over 100 years has been defined by the work of the men and women who put their efforts in the organization and whose motivation has led to the research, development and implementation of innovations favorable to our processes that generate growth to the Group.

Our Objectives

We are committed to continuously raising our standards of work, quality and service in order to become a world class organization; Our values ​​are:

  • Excellence
  •  Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Human development


Our daily motivation is to produce and market top quality products, making rational use of available resources and benefiting the Panamanian family by offering the best value for our products, while enhancing improvements and advances in technology to implement them in every area.

We focus our efforts on ensuring the satisfaction of our costumers by implementing internal controls that certify the quality of our products, provide our customers with the raw material necessary for the development of their activities, meeting their requirements in a strict, timely manner and guaranteeing Our employees a harmonious work environment, promoting respect and tolerance as inescapable values.


We project in time as a highly sustainable, innovative and leading organization in the national market, promoting brands of great acceptance and recognition for their excellent value for money, also highlighted as a profitable productive group, which promotes the permanence of employees in the company for its fair remuneration to the achievements and guaranteeing annual profit to our shareholders.

Grupo Calesa, a World Class company, obsessed with quality, innovation and service.


At CALESA Group, we are convinced of the importance of guaranteeing the well-being of the worker in order to achieve our corporate goals. That is why our employees have the following:

  • Christmas Bag
  • School Supplies
  • Scholarships for workers
  • Scholarship Plan “Rodolfo Chiari”
  • Sports events
  • End of year partys
  • Celebration of special dates
  • Transport service
  • Housing for farm workers
  • Urgent Loan Revolving Fund
  • Christmas Bonus
  • Life insurance
  • Nursing service and prehospital care
  • Ambulance Service
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Training programm for workers.


A recent initiative in the organization: our volunteering, is the representation of the quality of our human capital, which is added with solidarity and generosity to the activities we develop for the benefit of our companies and communities.

Annually we carry out works of social impact in areas bordering the Group oriented to education, health and education.

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