Born in Aguadulce, November 15, 1869, he was constitutional president of the Republic of Panama from October 1, 1924 until October 1, 1928. Given his family's financial difficulties, he was only able to attend the third year of primary school. At the age of twelve he moved to Panama City to work in the French Bazaar warehouse where, at age 21, he became a manager. He returned to Aguadulce when his father became ill and when he died, he devoted himself to the cultivation of sugar cane and livestock. He married Ofelina Remón, with whom he had 5 children, 3 men and 2 women.

He held various public positions at the beginning of the Republic as Constituent (1904), Treasurer of the Capital District, manager of the National Bank, appointed to the Presidency and charged with executive power in 1912.

Chiari was a prominent figure of the Liberal Party and member of the National Directory; between 1912 and 1914 he was president of this group. In 1924 he was elected presidential candidate by a convention of his party, with the support of Belisario Porras and won the presidential election. He governed the country from October 1, 1924 to September 7, 1928 and from September 25 to 30 of that year.

After the end of its presidency, Chiari dedicated itself to its private companies, whose center was in the Compañía Azucarera La Estrella. Health problems force him to travel to the United States, where he dies on August 16, 1937.

Born in Panama on March 2, 1905, he was a Panamanian politician, President of Panama for two periods: in November 1949 and from October 1, 1960 to October 1, 1964.

Known as "The President of Dignity", he studied at La Salle College and obtained the bachelor's degree and commercial expert. He worked on sugar production, but he was the only one of his brothers who became interested in politics. In 1940 he was elected deputy of the National Assembly and during the government of Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia was Minister of Health and Public Works. On November 20th 1949, he assumed the position of president after the resignation of Daniel Chanis Pinzón, nevertheless it occupied the position by four days. He ran for president of the republic in 1952 against his cousin, Colonel Jose Antonio Remón Cantera, but lost. At that time he was president of the Chamber of Commerce and president of the Liberal Party for eight years.

He participated again in the presidential elections of 1960 against Ricardo Arias and Víctor Goitia, and could win in them. On October 1, 1960, he assumed the Constitutional Presidency of the Republic for a period of four years. His administration was focused on education and health. Nevertheless the most remarkable fact in his government was to have broken the diplomatic relations between Panama and the United States, after the events of the Day of the Martyrs of the 9 of January of 1964. After finishing his duties as President, he retired of the public life and dedicated to contribute to the improvement and growth of family businesses. He was president of the Union of Industries from 1967 to 1969. Married to Cecilia Orillac, he was the father of a daughter called Carmen Cecilia Chiari.

In the CALESA Group he is remembered as a person very close to his collaborators, born leader, characterized by his kindness and rectitude. Today the organization has two cooperatives founded to benefit the collaborators, and one of them bears the warm nickname given to Roberto Chiari: "Don Nino."

Born in Aguadulce on September 21, 1903, he was the President of the Compañía Azucarera La Estrella for many years. His vision favored the growth and diversification of the industry, making it one of the most important in the country. Married to Doña Gilma de León, he was the father of six children.

His area of expertise was financial and decision-oriented, always aligned with reaching international markets amid the difficult political and economic situation that crossed the nation in the middle of the last century. He was a close and cordial man, his employees remember him as an Open House President, ready to provide support to anyone who needed it. He died in Panama on March 1, 1981.

Don Ricardo Augusto Chiari, was born on March 13, 1913 and left behind a legacy of dedication to work and service, which today constitutes the pillars of important companies that grew with the Republic. From laborer in the cane fields to the director of the Compañía Azucarera "La Estrella” S.A. Don Ricardo raised with his family an organization of national success and importance.

His dedication to the work maintained until the 28 of February of 2008, when in its 93 years a fall was subtracting the forces to him, not without before having materialized important works as it was the construction of the houses for the collaborators of the Farm El Corozo, the foundation of Industrias Lácteas SA and an endless number of improvements to all Group companies. Although not directly involved in politics, he excelled in holding a position within the Municipal Council during the presidential term of Don Rodolfo Chiari and was treasurer of the presidential campaign of his brother, Don Roberto Chiari.