Compañía Azucarera La Estrella is dedicated to the research, production and marketing of cane sugar. Its products are raw sugar, brown sugar, refined sugar and special white sugar, which are commercialized for mass consumption and for industrial customers. Molasses is also produced and commercialized as a sub product. At present, it has more than 6,000 Hectares of cane cultivation, a Biotechnology Laboratory or Biofábrica where sugar cane varieties of higher quality and resistance are produced, a Biological Laboratory of Pest Control (with insects), a Laboratory of Production of entomapathogenic fungi and along with institutions such as SENACYT, carry out research projects that contribute to the development of the sugar guild.


GANADERA DE COCLÉ, S.A. (GANACO), began operations on August 22, 1951 and inicially it specialized in the breeding of cattle, pig and sheep livestock. Nowadays, this company is dedicated to the cultivation of rice in the provinces of Coclé and Herrera.


In view of the need to feed the animals that were produced in GANACO, the company INDUSTRIAS DE NATÁ, S.A. (INASA), was founded on July 11, 1959., which since then and until now, is dedicated to the production of balanced feed for animal nutrition, offering pelleted, extruded and blended food for most farm species such as: shrimp, trout, tilapia, cattle, horses, pigs, poultry among others.


With the vision of continuing to produce mass consumer products, the Company CENTRAL DE GRANOS DE COCLÉ, SA (CAGRACO) was founded on July 16, 1986, dedicated to the production, processing and commercialization of rice; CEGRACO currently processes, packs and markets rice at national level in different presentations and brands.


CAMARONERA DE COCLÉ, S.A (CAMACO), started operations on July 19, 1990. It is focused in the research, production and marketing of packaged shrimp and live larval stages. The farm area has 1200 hectares in which are distributed 265 pools of shrimp farms. It has two Larvae Production Centers (CPL) and the Molecular Analysis Scientific Unit (UNICAM).


Because of the need to support and strengthen the quality of the GANACO, CEGRACO and private producer processes, on July 19, 1993, the company SEMILLAS DE COCLÉ, S.A. (SECOSA) is created. This company is dedicated to the research and production of certified rice seeds, with the support of institutions such as the Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA), which are marketed nationally and are used for domestic production.


The seventh company that joined the Group was CENTRAL DE ABASTOS, S.A. (CASA), which began operations on August 8, 1995 and is dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of agricultural supplies, veterinary and agroindustrial equipment, with which it maintains a presence at the national level.

Altrix de Panamá

Panamanian company founded in 1988, dedicated to processing and exportation of shrimp. This company has recently been acquired by the group.