Our sugar is synonymous with tradition, a century of sweetness and flavor that has accompanied more than four generations of families in Panama. With a certified quality production process, we bring to your table our excellent product in two presentations: refined and turbinated sugar.


Our commercial rice range offers unparalleled quality, allowing the preparation of delicious dishes for the whole family. Our raw material comes from the Panamanian fields and is processed to produce four categories of rice: first, second, special and integral.

Animal Feed

We have more than 60 years of experience in the production of balanced foods that meet the highest demands in both the national and international markets!


Panamanian shrimp with export quality! We have the certifications of HACCP (systematic preventive process to guarantee food safety), FDA (agency of the United States government responsible for food regulation, among others), DG SANCO (body that regulates the quality of food sold to the European Union) and recently we attained the OAS (Authorized Economic Operator, hand in hand with the World Customs Organization) certification.


Central de Abastos, is one of the most important distributors of agro-inputs in the country. With more than 25 years of experience we work hand in hand with the panamenian producer.