Seed Improvement

Mejoramiento de Semillas

Seed Improvement

Rice is the basic element of food in 17 countries in Asia and the Pacific, eight countries in Africa, seven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and one in the Near East. In Panama it is one of the most consumed food and it is for this reason that the development of new and better rice seeds is a priority for us.

The objective of the improvement of rice seeds is to obtain varieties with growth, agronomic characteristics and quality of grains superior to those that are currently cultivated.

Through crossbreeding, hybrids improvement and population improvement, our team of technicians and specialists manage to increase the quality of our seed, giving better results in the field.

These results translate into better yield, higher quality of cultivated variety, greater stability and tolerance to pests and diseases of crops.

Increasing the quality of grains increases the percentage of whole grains, improves their appearance, amylose content and culinary quality.

Semillas de Coclé orients its efforts to have a greater understanding of the genetic and physiological bases of the yield for its later application to our programs of improvement.