Sustainable Commitment


Our Environmental Management is oriented to produce our products in a sustainable way, for that reason we have developed cleaner production projects based on the use of biomass fuels in our boilers, achieving the non-use of fossil fuels since 2012, this process is based on the use of renewable energies to generate steam that produces electrical energy.


In order to optimize the use of the water resource, we have implemented irrigation technologies by hose and drip irrigation, the latter being highly efficient since the water applied by this irrigation method infiltrates the roots of the plants directly irrigating the area of influence Through a system of pipelines and emitters (drippers), which increase production, making maximum use of water without generating losses of this valuable resource.


In the Biotechnology Laboratory, a reforestation project is being carried out with Bamboo plants, which will have a positive impact on our fields. The plants are in growth and many of them are planted, being of great help in the zones where they have realized works of adaptation that avoid the passage of the water of the rivers towards our fields.

Security and Health

Occupational Safety and Health in its initial phase, inform and train workers about the risks inherent in their work, as well as the measures to be adopted for their prevention. For this, we have the safe working procedures, necessary for the development of different preventive activities. In turn, we promote and establish the necessary means for the communication of suggestions for improvement to be analyzed and, if possible, applied. In the same way, CALESA Group has a prehospital care position and an ambulance to attend employees in the event of any accident that may occur, in addition to carrying out all organizational risk procedures efficiently.

Corporate social responsability

As a group we recognize the importance of being active participants in the society in which we are immersed and in our responsibility as a company in an economic, social and environmental way. This is the reason why for more than 30 years the CALESA Group has been characterized for developing programs and activities that benefit and favor the most remote regions of the Province of Coclé, as well as schools and training institutes in Panama City.

The contributions of the CALESA Group are mainly directed towards children, education, promotion of sport and culture, reforestation, internal controls of management and sustainable production and friendly to the environment.